Guaranteed Gone Wildlife Control Specialists

We offer full service professional animal control options for all of the following areas while operating within the boundaries of all Federal, State, and local laws/ regulations.  Guaranteed Gone Wildlife Control offers more than just trapping.  We specialize in non-lethal trapping, excluding, and hazing.  These methods are very eco-responsible and animal friendly.  When the animals are gone, we have the ability to repair any animal damage and clean up any soiled building materials or insulation.  Guaranteed Gone is also one of the best exclusion companies in the area, so let's get those animals out and keep them from returning next year!  We have years of experience working with homeowners, businesses, the DNR, the USFWD, and when need be... insurance companies.  We are fully licensed and insured, proof upon request!

*It should be noted that bat exclusion work has an annual moratorium period.

We have a 10 week moratorium period each summer...

(June 1st- August 15th) 

No exclusion of bats can be performed in this window of time per DNR regulation. 

Very limited exemptions apply.  Inspections for bats and being placed on the waiting list for service can be done all year around!

Skunks                         Woodpeckers

Squirrels                       Muskrats

Chimney Swifts              Sparrows

Chipmunks                    Raccoons

Coyotes                        Opossums

Foxes                           Deer

Beavers                        Geese

Flying Squirrels              Rats/ Mice

*Bats                            Deck Wraps

Chimney Cap Install        Flashing Wraps

Attic Decontamination     Solar Shock Fence Install

Insulation Replacement   & so much more!!!